How to Fix a Broken Relationship

how to fix a broken relationship

how to fix a broken relationship

Your association with your partner isn’t doing great the way you wish it to and you are becoming fed up as to the direction in which the relationship is tolling. What would you be able to do about this knowing very well that you do care for the relationship? Nowadays, over half of all relationship unions fizzle out for reasons irrational or unknown. Typically, some of these relationship union fizzles are a direct result of an excessive amount of feedback over cash or the kids.

Frequently, when individuals sever or draw back from their relationship, something becomes absent. The “Spark” diminishes from the commitment that was once given to the relationship. The truth be told, if you lost the spark that inspires you, can you go on doing that same thing with zeal and passion? I believe your answer is a capital NO! You can not. And I know very well that I have readers here whose zeal and commitment to their relationship is always been ignited every day of their life. If you have lost the spark to spring up your relationship with romance tips, then you should expect more problems in the relationship

Individuals who have been stitched together through the bond of marriage settled on a choice to love their spouse and work very hard to ensure their commitment is full in the marriage. But you will definitely agree with me that every relationship be it marriage or dating or courtship normally undergo different hurdles and even after reading and knowing different recommendations that hold couples together, there is every tendency that your relationship will still have to pass through the storm. You will in one time be faced with difficulties along the line and your stand towards these hurdles and difficulties will greatly determine if your marriage can still stand and pass the test. And that is why I mentioned that word above “spark”. The spark must still be there if you really want to go through the hurdles and what if the spark isn’t there? Then the relationship will crumble leaving both parties depressed and leaving the kids hopeless as well. Or what do you think about this?

Today on The Harry Scope, a question has been raised, “My Relationship is not working! How Can I Fix it?” and the answer has been given. And if you can follow these tips below, your relationship can still come up.

Before reading further, I would like to ask you just one question, “Are you really sure about your relationship and want to fix it up any time problems arise”? I ask because, to some persons, when a problem faces their marriage or relationship, they tend to be naive or innocent, not looking out for a possible solution which to them is impossible- that attitude is not good at all. It’s just like someone who went to the electronics shop and bought a good plasma television. He bought it because he likes it. Then took it home and after sometimes, it begins to develop some faults. He notices it and what does he have to do about it? He has to take a step towards rectifying the problem. You know why? The amount of money he spent on purchasing that TV set comes into his memory and he remembers how costly it was the time he bought it and then decides not to just keep mute about it. He then finds a way of rectifying it after some stress on him. And when the TV set has come to normal, he smiles and is happy about that.

Our relationship or marriage is far too expensive to be toiled with. It’s far too exorbitant to just keep quiet about the problem wrecking in. You need to act up and find a way. Think about it!

I believe the tips below will be of great help to the title of this post. Just read, digest and let me know what you think.

  1. Help up!

If your relationship is facing the storm right now, don’t get so tensed up and then suddenly let the pressure break out. No!  Grab some fun at yourself and your partner as well. You know why? Wearing a weary or distressed or rugged look on your face won’t help any issue at all. You need to prove that in spite of the problem, you can still brighten up yourself and your partner.

“Relationships are about helping motivate each other to be all that you can be.” David Archuleta

Chilling out will also help you to think properly; it will help you make a right decision at the right time instead of wearing a lion face and then taking any tough decisions that will not help at all

  1. No Arguments

Both of you might be diverse and different in your assessments in areas like governmental issues and religion, maintain a strategic distance from those subjects. Discuss things you both appreciate and have like manner for.

If you start bringing up issues that seem not to go down well with your partner, it may spring up arguments along the line and from there to what is not expected. So, always learn to understand what you both love without letting arguments come in.

  1. Make out Time

Set up particular circumstances when you too can get together. It doesn’t make a difference what you do; shopping, errands, watching movie or comedy, occasions and all that. Put it on your date-book and ensure you keep to the arrangement.

In most marriages and relationships today, work-load has so much taken a greater part of the time been committed to that relationship, which is not good for the healthy growth of such relationship. If you really want to enjoin your relationship to the full, always keep aside tight schedules and focus on the important aspect of your life-Marriage

  1. Begin Once again

Do you still keep in mind when you initially met? What started the relationship? Is it safe to say that you were doing new and energizing things together? All things have been equal do it once more!

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person”. Mignon Mclaughlin

You don’t buy a machine to just dump it without servicing it. That is the relationship for you; it needs to keep under-going some regular services. Remember those times you both would go on a night date, it was lovely and cool then, you both expressed your feelings to each other, you engaged in body and eye contact then, speaking of your love to each other. Now, what has made you lost that spark? You can still do it again.

  1. Pardon Each Other

You cannot pardon your partner when you have not forgiven your own self. Everybody commits one error or the other and everybody merits another chance.

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” Mahatma Gandhi.

Your partner may get you annoyed in some occasions, get over it, forgive and move on.

  1. Feel each other

Your body loves to be touched and felt. Do it for your partner; they need it as much as you do. Play with their hair; rub their hands, give them a delicate kiss, a congratulatory gesture on something they have achieved, rub their back and foot. In doing so, do it in a tender way that will show how lovely and caring you are.

This way, you can help work out the problem trying to pose its ugly head in your relationship.

  1. Give some space

You will agree with me that if I was to be your uncle and I frequently do visit your home, you will so much get used to me that you will no longer miss me at all. Being together all the time might spasm you and your accomplice’s lifestyle. Learn to be separated for a while-not that you are in arguments but you just want to miss him/her. You as a woman, release him to go chasing or hunting, while you visit the library or a cinema.

In this way, you get to miss your partner somehow and when you see him/her again, it will look like a renewed shower of love.

  1. Be Surprising

Same old you, same old you! Can’t you change for once? Can’t you do a different thing for once? If you observe yourself in this habit, do well to break it and let yourself loosed off it.  Accomplish something on the spontaneous. Amaze your partner by doing something new and you could also involve him/ her into doing it with you. Its fun and I believe you catch it.

  1. Mystery Getaway

Arrange for a trek or a place without letting your spouse know about it, where you two can be separated from everyone else. Take as much time as is needed and appreciate each other. Take it moderately and make it more sentimental and romantic.

  1. Commune Together

A great deal of times when connections between couples are been disconnected, the discussion stops. And this becomes the worst mistake to make-not communicating together. Here is the place you have to figure out how to hear each other out. Each of you ought to have the capacity to simply discuss everything without exception or hiding any feelings at all. Try not to be judgmental; it will only worsen the issue. Key in, keep your eye on the watch, no shouting or contending. Simply communicate with each other about things and then make plans on how to get it right. The importance of communication in every relationship should not be underrated.

There are so many ways to patch up things when it goes wrong and with these 10 tips I have just highlighted, I hope this will help spring up your relationship and put shame to be posing threat in your relationship and enhance a stronger bond between you and your partner.

Thank you very much for your time taken to read this. Do well to drop your thoughts using the comment box and don’t forget that there are people who need this content shared to them- so do us a favour by sharing.

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