About Us

Relating to wrong choice people make in their life, this blog tends to help both the young and the old in every sphere of life.

In respect of wrong relationships that people get themselves into, Harryscope Blog has come with the view of teaching and educating the masses to make better and happy relationships.

We offer you tips and advice that will help you grow a better relationship in life.

Seeing how relationships are wrongly built up, we tend to teach you the value of building a strong relationship that will stand the test of time. we are of the view that if our relationships are strong and solid, then we won’t be faced with divorce, marital crisis and the likes.

Our focus is also based on the young people who are just getting to know anything about relationship talks. With our rich and growing knowledge, our relationship posts shall be of immense benefits to you. Our posts advise and also bring renewed hope to those who feel neglected and down in their relationship.

Married couples are not also left behind as we tend to teach them into growing their relationship to higher grounds. If couples are already doing well in their relationship, that would really give assurance to the young ones that they too can do well.

Aside what we teach about growing a better relationship, we indeed motivate our dear readers in all areas of life. Teaching and inspiring young minds in all endeavours of life.

I guess you are now wondering who is the brain behind this formidable blog, well it’s  Harrison Hope Oliaku. I strongly believe in the language of LOVE and the need to have a ‘sweet’ relationship with our partners. Growing up with my dad and mom, I saw the need to learn how relationships, marriage, dating works. And with what I’ve learned and what I keep learning, I feel that there are other persons out there who truly need to learn likewise.