4 Simple Ways to Jealously Keep Your Engagement Ring

4 Simple Ways to Jealously Keep Your Engagement Ring

4 Simple Ways to Jealously Keep Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a very important ring as it signifies the start of your journey towards marriage. For the ring to retain its good looks for long you need to take good care of it. Here are some of the ways of taking good care of it:

Clean it regularly

To remove skin oil, lotions, and dirt you need to clean your ring regularly. The easiest way of cleaning it is soaking it in warm water and mild hand washing liquid. To give it a sparkle you should scrub it with a soft toothbrush. When brushing you should be cautious that you don’t overdo it thus causing scratches.

Another way of cleaning it is soaking it in equal parts of ammonia and water for about half an hour. You should apply this method only on diamond rings as they can’t be damaged by ammonia. Ammonia can damage other metals such as silver; therefore, you should avoid cleaning them using this method.

Avoid exposing it to harsh creams

It’s common for ladies to apply makeup. What many don’t realise is that makeup can be dangerous to their rings. Sometimes the chemicals in the makeup can be too harsh thus discolouring the ring. To avoid this you should avoid applying makeup with the ring on. You should also avoid cleaning the house or clothes with the ring on.

Visit your jeweller

Your jeweller will inspect your ring and correct any mistakes it might be having. One of the things that the jeweller will do is to fix the setting thus ensuring that the diamond doesn’t get dislodged and lost. The jeweller will also professionally clean the ring for you. To be on the safe side you should visit your jeweller at least twice a year.

Store it correctly

To protect the ring from scratches and dents you should store it properly. When you take off the ring you should place it in a place where it can’t fall off or slide down. If you are fond of removing it often you should consider buying a safe.

When storing it you should always ensure that you store it alone as storing more than one ring in the same safe increases the risk of collision and damage to the ring.

Conclusion These are a few ways of taking care of your engagement ring. For it to last for long and retain the sparkle you should buy from a reputable store.

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